July 2020

The Stone (Audio)

“The Stone (Audio)”.

August 2019

What’s got your heart

Isaiah 1: 10—20 Luke 12: 32-40

July 2019

Jesus was wrong- Mary and Martha

Mary and Martha

June 2019

Above and beyond

Praise or Prison

Making right what is wrong


April 2019

Never walk alone

Road to Emmaus

He is risen

Easter Service

Living a Sacramental Life

“Living a Sacramental Life” from Lent Sermon Series Week 6.

Living a compassionate Life

“Living a compassionate Life” from Lent Series 2019 Week 4.

March 2019

Living a Spirit-empowered Life

“Living a Spirit-empowered Life” from Lent Series 2019 Week 3.

Living a life of Integrity

“Living a life of Integrity” from Lent Series 2019 Week 2.

Living a prayer-filled life

“Living a prayer-filled life” from Lent Series 2019. Week 1